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The U.S. Can't Dodge Global Slowdown Forever

John Schoen, CNBCAs the gears of the global economy continue to slow, the U.S. has—so far—bucked the trend. But it can't do so...

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Global Economies Will Dictate Interest Rate Hike Timing

The Federal Reserve spent this year winding down its $85 billion a month QE stimulus program. With that task completed, the hot topic of analysts, and concern of markets, is how soon the Fed will take the next step in moving back toward normal monetary...

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Patents and the global diffusion of new drugs

See it in Context

Patented pharmaceuticals diffuse across international borders slowly, and sometimes not at all. This column analyses the effect of patent protection and price regulation on the speed of and extent to which drugs enter new markets. There is a fundamental...

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Why the global gloom?

One popular meme these days is "the global economy is slowing down." China's economy has slowed from double digit growth rates to 7%, Japan has suffered two quarters of negative GDP growth, and the Eurozone economy has grown by less than...

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Top Portfolio Products: China Bond ETF from Global X

AssetMark adds donor-advised fund, while Franklin Templeton launches Social Security optimizer...

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Target-Date Funds Need Depth & Breadth, Says CEO of Global Index Advisors

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Target-date funds have been growing in popularity. That's a good thing for the average investor, according to James Lauder, CEO of Global Index Advisors, sub-adviser to Wells Fargo Advantage Funds. He told...

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China Rate Cut and ECB Stimulus Talk Drive Power Play for Global Markets

Today's financial recap and tomorrow's financial...

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US can't dodge global slump forever

As the gears of the global economy continue to slow, the U.S. has—so far—bucked the trend. But it can't do so...

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Joy Global, Caterpillar Among Stocks to Buy on China Central Bank News

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- U.S. equities made new all-time highs on Friday after European central banker Mario Draghi discussed quantitative easing and China's central bank unexpectedly cut interest rates.  Investors had expected...

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Global Ultra-Wealthy Population Reaches Record High Of Over 200,000 People

The combined wealth of the richest individuals worldwide increased 7% to almost $30 trillion in 2014The number of ultra-wealthy population reached a record high to 211,275 individuals, an increase of 6% in 2014, according to the Wealth X and UBS World...

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